London Street Photography Festival
London Street Photography Festival will be happening in London for the first time on 25-27 of August 2017 at Stour Space. The exhibition of works will be on display until 31 August.
The festival will feature works from a contest in 4 categories  – Best Single Photograph, Best Photography Series, Best London Photograph and a special contest for under 21s which is free. The exhibition at Stour Space during the Festival will feature all finalists who will afterwards be featured from September 4th until September 15th at The Screen at Canary Wharf  and across major street photography  publications.
In addition to the contest, Stour Space will host the weekend of free workshops, talks and portfolio reviews by established photographers such as Vineet Vohra, Richard Bram and Rammy Narula. No need to book, just turn up on the day and enjoy!

London Street Photography Festival is a non-profit international event based in London showcasing Street Photography. The goal of the Festival is to build a community and to establish and develop a platform for networking, learning and development through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, competition and associated events We aim to be closely connected to the community and young people and provide them with the world-class resources and experience in one of the most dynamic and popular genres of photography.
The Festival will take place on August 25-27th at Stour Space,  7 Roach Rd, London E3 2PA