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Project Description


Mark Power turned to photography after studying painting at art school. He worked in the editorial and charity markets for ten years before he began teaching at the University of Brighton in 1992. This coincided with a shift towards long-term, self-initiated projects that sit comfortably alongside a number of large-scale commissions in the industrial sector. He joined Magnum in 2002, becoming a full member in 2007.

He has published eight books: The Shipping Forecast (1996), a poetic response to the esoteric language of daily maritime weather reports; Superstructure (2000), a documentation of the construction of London’s Millennium Dome; The Treasury Project (2002), the restoration of a nineteenth-century historical monument: 26 Different Endings (2007), which depicts those landscapes unlucky enough to fall just off the edge of the London A-Z; The Sound of Two Songs (2010), the culmination of a five-year project set in contemporary Poland; Mass (2013), an investigation into the power and wealth of the Polish Catholic church; Die Mauer ist Weg! (2014), about chance and choice when confronted, accidentally, with a major news event, and Destroying the Laboratory for the Sake of the Experiment, a collaboration with the poet Daniel Cockrill (2016). He is currently working on an epic, ten-year project in America.

Power’s work has been shown in numerous galleries and museums across the world, and his prints are in several important collections including the Arts Council of Great Britain, the British Council and the Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Milwaukee Art Museum in the USA; and the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands.
Mark Power is a visiting Professor of Photography at the University of Brighton, the town where he lives with his partner Jo, their children Chilli and Milligan, and a small dog called Kodak.